Evaluating Web Sites Activity: Locate and Evaluate

Web Site Layout and Design

  • Is the site well organized and easy to navigate?
  • Do all of the hypertext links work?
  • Are the graphics informative and not flashy or overpowering?
  • Is additional documentation and/or help about the site available?

Web Site Authenticity

  • Are the developers of the site identified? Is contact information available for the designer or development team?
  • If the web site was developed by an organization, can you tell if it is a university, government institution, or commercial business?
  • If the site was developed by a commercial institution, is there advertising that overpowers or influences the content of the site?
  • Does the site contain references with bibliographic information or links to other sources?

Web Site Content

  • Are the site's objectives stated clearly and objectively?
  • Is the content appropriate for the intended audience?
  • Is the content accurate and up-to-date? Can you determine when the material was last updated?
  • How comprehensive is the content? Does it provide a well-rounded view of the topic or are there "missing pieces?"
  • Can you distinguish between fact and opinion in the presented information?
  • If there are several media objects on the page, will the content be strongly affected if the document is viewed without the media objects or as text-only?
  • Can the web site be used to support a constructivist learning style?
  • Can the information found on a web site be used to supplement other information such as books, magazines, and videotapes?