Multimedia in an Educational Setting
Power Point; Part 1


  • Classroom Use of PowerPoint / Presentation Techniques / Copyright
  • PowerPoint Interface: Getting Help, Interface/Toolbars, Using Wizards, Browsing and Viewing
  • Building PowerPoint Presentation: Design Templates and Backgrounds, Working with Text, Working with Slides, Saving and Storing Presentation, Drawing and Working with Shapes
  • Images and Charts: Tables, Chart, Graph, Diagram, Digital Camera and Scanner, Working with Pictures, Animated GIF, Work with Word Art, Embedding Fonts
  • Multimedia: Animation and transitions, Hidden Slides, Insert Sounds, Sound File - Record Audio Narration, Insert Movies, Self-running Presentations, Voice Narration
  • Web Interface: Hyperlinks, Action Buttons, Publishing for the Web


Get Connected:

  • Welcome
  • Computers and Materials

Multimedia in the Classroom:

Project / Presentation Ideas for the Classroom:

  • Presentation of Information
  • Student Projects
  • Interactive Tutorial
  • Kiosk Use

Introduction of Guided Project

Build Presentation - Guided Project


Build Presentation - Guided Project Continued

Group Activity

Discuss Group Activity