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1. Addition, Addition Worksheets, Puzzles, Facts, and Problems


This site has a great many practice worksheets and a variety of presentations for addition facts and problems.

2. A+ Math


This is an excellent site where kids can play a game type practice worksheet. In the "GAME ROOM", students will be able to find 3 highly interesting and exciting games. 1. M A T H O which is a Bingo style game 2. Hidden Picture where students unvail a picture by solving math problems. 3. CONCENTRATION here students have to match and solve at the same time, making use of higher order thinking skills.

3. FunBrain Baseball


Here students will find a more competitive style of game where two students can play at the same time competing against each other trying to get as many right answers and scoring runs before allowing the oponent to play his turn.

4. Learning Planet


Requires Macromedia 10 and membership.

5. Black Dog Net (not to good)


Find the matching counterparts of each problem posted. Drag, arrange, and drop.

6. If your looking for a user-fiendly and fast language translator


it is a great resource to make your life easier. You can translate single words, full text up to 150 words at one time, or even translate web pages with very few clicks. But it is not perfect, you must do some corrections to the output. Still, you will get a very close idea of the meaning of the text being translated.

These pages were developed through TeacherTECH, the teacher professional development component of GirlTECH , which is sponsored by the Center for Excellence and Equity in Education (CEEE) with support from the National Science Foundation through EPIC .

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