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Page to translate anything (paragraphs, webpages, words) to spanish, and other languages.

1. chicomania: school

This spanish website is about school with different games, activities, resources, etc.

2. pbskids: educational tv cartoons

This website is about many tv cartoon like Clifford, Barney, Calliou, Zoboombafoo etc.

3. Pagina de Alexia: Spanish activities

This website has many spanish resources.

4. resources

In this page you can find free materials that you can use with your students.

5. Reading a-z: subscription to downloaded books.

Hundreds of downloadable books in levels (for fee).

6. Talking books: Interactive books

For a fee you can have acces to interactive leveled books.

7. Computer courses

EasyTech interactive computer lessons.

8. The learning site: All subjects interactive school site.

This is a Hardcort publishing company interactive site.

9. Starfall site: Language arts internet site.

Interactive L. A. internet site, good for ESL.

10. My calendar: classroom related activities.

Useful calendar

11.TeacherTECH: How to do webpages

All resources needed to do proffesional webpages.

12.Tips and Tricks : Internet explorer

Tips for the internet usage.

13. Tips and tricks: For windows

Short cuts for windows.

14.HTML: Basic HTML

How to make HTML webpages.

15. WEBLOGS: My Weblog

This site is to communicate with other students

16Citation Machine: How to cite a webpage.

Easy automatic citation.

17. Quizlab: Online quizes.

Easy online quizes for students.

18. Advanced HTML: resources for HTML

HTML helpful ideas.

19. Dreamweaver setup: How to set it up

Dreamweaver instalation in another pc.

20. Webpage design: Good ideas for designs

Good designs and bad designs for webpages.

21. Making a banner: In photoshop 2005
/banners/ bannerdirections.doc

How to make nice designed banners in photo shop 2005.

22. CSS: Page for CSS resources.
dreamweaver/articles/ css_gradually.html
dreamweaver/articles/ css_dreamweaver.htm

All about CSS.

23. Templates WebQuest: Following the template Teacher template
/lessons/ lessonexample2005/webquesttemplates

Student template
/lessons/ lessonexample2005/index.html

WebQuest template to do webpages.

24. Cool transitions: nice transitions for webpages
transitions /transitions.html

25. Rubrics: Easy rubrics for class.

26. Puzzlemaker: how to make puzzles

School easy puzzlemaker.

27. Create a graph: easy way to create a graph

Different graphs to create for free.

28. Carousel: Create a carousel picture frame.

29. Effects: ideas for webpage effects

Different effects that can be used in webpages.

30. Java script: Beginning guide

Resources for Javascript and webpages.

31. Metatags: keyword for search engines.
metatags/ metatags.doc

Provide information about the webpage to the worl.

These pages were made through TeacherTECH, the teacher professional development component of GirlTECH , which is sponsored by the Center for Excellence and Equity in Education (CEEE) with support from the National Science Foundation through EPIC .