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  1. You will get from your teacher one piece of construction paper. Ask yourself what shape the paper is, and then, you will be looking for all the lines of symmetry in a shape and numbering the lines. You know that if you can fold a shape in half to form two congruent shapes then the shape is symmetrical. You will begin by folding the rectangle in half, first side to side, then top to bottom. It will create two symmetrical halves with each fold. You have found a shape with more than one line of symmetry. Unfold the shapes, trace the fold lines with a ruler and with a pencil number the lines.
  2. With a partner, use one copy of Blackline Master A17 to investigate lines of symmetry for an equilateral triangle, scalene triangle, pentagon, and hexagon. You will cut out each shape and fold to determine lines of symmetry.


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