Personal Biography

Welcome to my site. My name is Elena De La Rosa. I have about 21 years experience in teaching. I received my training at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX. I have been given various awards, but there are three that I value most highly. The first two are the Top 50 Teacher awards that I received in Galveston, Texas. A student nominates a teacher who has been most influential to them in their education. The second is the opportunity to go to Japan as an FMF recipient where I was given the honor of learning first hand about Japanese culture and their educational system. I have also in my career been selected as Teacher of the Year for my Campus Alamo Elementary in Galveston as well as Galveston ISD's Elementary Teacher of the Year.

I have taught the gamut when it comes to education; from Special Education to General Education to Private Schoo to now Computer Technology at my school Kate Bell-ES. I am certified in Elementary Self-Contained Grades (1-8); Elementary Reading Grades (1-8); Mentally Retarded Grades (PK-12); Kindergarten Grades (PK-K); Early Childhood Education Handicapped Grades (PK-6). I have recently received certification as an MTT and ESL. I am an INTEL Master Teacher Trainer and have led one group through the program. I am also a TEA TIFTECH trainer. I have taken various trainings whenever possible to continue growing in my craft. I have presented workshops on technology integration at TCEA the past two years. This pass year I attended Bernie Dodge's Alpha group session at TCEA for the new Webquest portal. I do various trainings both on my campus and, at times, for Houston ISD.

I feel strongly about sharing what I know with others who want to listen. I feel this gives me an insight in guiding the diverse group of children that I have the privilege of teaching. My background also helps me iteract with various teachers in different levels and areas of expertise. I believe that as long as one is living they should always take the opportunity to learn something new. I try to foster this in my students through my teaching and by my example. I hope that you will be able to glean something useful from your visit and that you will contact me with any questions, suggestions, or just a howdy!

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