How to use a BLOG

A BLOG is the abbreviation for weblog. We will be using it to help communicate with each other about what we have learned and are learning throughout the school year. Below are the directions that you will use to go to the BLOG.

1.    Go to the website .

2. Depending on the daily assignment, select the category that you will post your responses. (Post is when you type in a response on a BLOG.)

3. When you have chosen your category. A screen similar to this will pop up. Select the Post that you will be responding to from the list. To begin with, there may be only one post, but, as the lessons progresses you may have more than one post to choose from.

4.  You will then see the following screen. Type in your response to the days BLOG post. You will see an access code at the bottom of the response page. You must type it in exactly as you see it in the box to the right of it. You will then click on the submit button when you are finished with the posting and code.