Group Name: _____________________________   CC:_______

You and your group will divide the jobs listed in the table between you. Each job must have someone assigned to it. If  your group is smaller than the number of jobs you may double up in jobs or if you have more members than jobs you may share jobs. You are responsible for the job you choose and must complete the assignments that go with that job.

Cooperative Job Assignments

Cooperative Job

Assigned to…

Leader –

Keeps group on task and ensures everyone is doing their job.


Recorder –

Acts the secretary for the group. This job may be rotated by all in the group. In the assignment area you may put All if the group is sharing the responsibility


Materials Manager –

This person gathers all materials that the group may need. The Material Manager is the only one allowed to gather materials from teacher.


Checker –

The Checker goes over the assignments to make sure it is complete. (ie. Heading spelling, etc.). They are responsible for making sure everything is turned in complete.


Reporter –

The reporter reports the teacher and other groups to discuss progress of group or to share information with other groups.  This is an optional job. The leader can take over the role of reporting to the teacher if there are not enough members in the group.