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What Makes a Hero a Hero?

There are many people out there who claim to be a hero. There are others who deny being heroic, and then there are those out there who have no idea they are a hero. What makes a someone a hero? Is it what they do or say? Is it how they behave daily? Is it their successes whether athletically or culturally? These are some of the questions you will explore.

After you and your group have decided on the traits that you think a hero should have, you will become a member of the Jr. Frankenstien Corporation. Your group is commissioned to design the perfect here. You must decide which traits your hero will have. Will he/she have a good work ethic? Will they be athletically superior? Will the be the greatest rock star ever heard? Or, will your hero be someone that people can count on. Will people look up to your hero and try to copy his/her behavior? You and your team will make these decisions in your design.