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Session 1:

Introduce BLOGS to your students. This is a means for communicating with students about the assignments, projects and/or anything else you want to discuss here. They will be prepared to give personal reflection based on the research they have been doing throughout the unit. This is an optional activity depending on your students' competency levels.

Students will fill out the Job Sheet while working in a cooperative group. They will decide who will be responsible for what job. They will make a graphic organizer before filling out the actual sheet In order to show visually their plan. Explain each of the roles to the students based on the handout available in the support materials section. Both documents must be included in their final product portfolio.

  • Job assignment verification* - Students will use this form to decide who will be responsible for the different jobs needed to be done in their group.
  • Graphic organizer of project - Students will use this to visually see which person will have each job.


Session 2 & 3:

Students will visit web sites that identify the Six Pillars of Character. Discuss with them what these characteristics are and guide them into identifying examples of these characteristics.

Students will rank these characteristics as a group and identify why they placed them in this order. You may set up your own on ranking by following this link: INTEL Visual Ranking. If you would rather you may use the one I have set up for this lesson. If you want the passwords please email me and I will send them to you.

Students will be sent to various web sites that will help them explore

  • Research data based on Internet searches (Refer to Resources)


Session 4 & 5:

Students will use the information they have learned about characters and heroes to develop a survey. As a group brainstorm some questions they may want to include into their survey. If your students do not have much experience with surveys they can go to Fun With Surveys for more information and examples. They will then design a survey of 10 - 15 questions. Their sources will come from 2 classmates, 3 known adults, 2 unknown people and 3 family members. They have to have at least 10 people surveyed for a complete survey grade.

Whey they have completed their survey they will graph their findings and include this graph in their final presentation. Kids Graphing Page is an easy way to set up their graphs. They may choose which graph they feel best shows their data. Students can also use Excel or any other spreadsheet software to make the graph.

  • Survey development sheet
  • Survey
  • Graph your data


Session 6 & 7:

Students will begin designing their HEROs person. Based on their research they will begin defining the character traits of what their HERO will have. They will determine which values their character will have and what it will look like. The HERO should refelct the character traits they have chosen. Refer to handout for student forms.

Students will design a brochure that describes their HERO's project and what they developed. They must outline their research and justify why they chose the traits that they want their HERO to have. They must include the 6 character traits into their hero and rank them in order of dominance. They must identify what type of job this HERO would be able to do based on its strengths.

  • Character Development Form
  • Brochure describing your HERO


Session 8 & 9:

  • Final PowerPoint project presentation