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Lesson Design:

The format for this project will be based on a webquest. The premise is based on the Six Pillars of Character. It incorporates other elements that will be touched on throughout the lesson process. The lessons will be set up by sessions. These sessions can be accomplished on more than one day given your classroom time constraints. It is presumed that you will be doing the computer work in a lab setting, therefore some modifications may be needed for classroom use. Hands on reference materials may be substituted for online activities as student support material will be available to you for copying.


Lesson Objectives:

Essential Question:

  • What makes good character/ethics?

Unit Questions:

  • Who should have good character/ethics?
  • Do I need to have good character/ethics?
  • How can you tell the difference between good and bad character/ethics?
  • How do you have/get good character/ethics?
  • Why is it important to have good character/ethics?
  • What makes a hero a hero?
  • Does a hero have good character/ethics?

Media Sources

Some great sources can be used from the media to help support your unit. Some movies that I use in my class are as follows:

  • Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - Classic
  • Drumline
  • Wizard of Oz

These are only a few examples that you may like to use. You may be able to draw samples from literature and music as well as from print. Please email me of any other sources you may think of and I will include them on this list.

Classroom Management:

Divide student into small groups of 3 - 5. I choose odd numbers so that there will be a majority rule if students must vote for a decision. Try to mix the groups with students of various learning styles and abilities.

The ideal situation would be to do the computer activities in a lab where each student has their own computer to work on. Unfortunately not everyone has a lab available. In a 1 - 5 computer classroom, I reccomend that each group be assigned a day when they have computer time to complete online assignments. Whenever the group or members have free time, on their day they have the option of doing their activities. This is at your discretion.


Across Grade Level Modifications:

To adjust these lessons for different grade levels or ability groups you can adjust the number of activities. Each Activity is independent of the other and it will still give the essence of the activity. An asterik will be next to those activities that should not be eliminated.



Rubrics will be used to evaluate student progress and completion of objectives, Refer to the Student Evaluation section for further details.