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This lesson is designed for 5th graders. Texas Standards (TEKS) from English Language Arts, Social Studies, Health, Mathematics and Technology can be addressed with this lesson. Refer to the Standards page for more details.

It can be modified for different levels by eliminating some of the activities students are required to complete. Other modifications can be made to satisfy IEP's (Individual Education Plans) For example, eliminate some of the requirements in individual products that students are responsible for or by using whatever guidelines that are listed on the IEP/ELL modification section of their plans. Many of the IEP/ELL modifications satisfy other needs of most students so can be incorporated for with all students with minimal difficulty.

Learners will need to have the following pre-requisite technical skills to facilitate this lesson.

  • Some familiarity with word processing, presentation, and any other software that you will be using for your graphic organizer.
  • Using graphic organizers.
  • Internet searching skills.
  • Familiarity with keyboarding.
  • Information about surveys.
  • Any other software that you will incorporate into the lesson.

Instruction may be facilitated if students have experience working in groups and they have some collaboration skills.

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