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This century is almost over, and I am trying to accomplish as many projects as I can. I have concentrated almost all my time since 1989 to education. I have been very dedicated to the exploration of my surroundings. My commitment to the children who I work with, has been very rewarding.
From 1989-1999, I have had many experiences, which in some way has given me the tools to share my knowledge with coworkers and students. I have had a one person exhibition in Key West, Florida.

I have traveled to Puerto Rico, Mexico City, New York City, Miami, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Boston, Paris, London, Lourdes, Belgium, Washington DC, Austin, San Antonio, and Puebla. I am still searching and indulging the world, that I have had the pleasure to enjoy, reminisce, and share with those that know me. My work in teaching art and fine art has given me great ideas to develop lessons and images.

This year has been a wonderful year. I got to see my son and his family

I have spent time with my immediate family in Homestead, Florida.

This year, I also helped my community and school Lantrip Elementary, receive 1st. place in the Houston International Festival Decorate Our School Contest 1999.

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