Let's Take A Trip

Grade Level: 4-5




  1. Decide on a major city in the contiguous United States that you would like to visit.
  2. Using MAPQUEST, you will:
  3. Find out the number of miles you would have to travel to get there.
  4. If you drive for approximately 8 hours per day, figure out a good destination for the first day.
  5. Click on the NET SEARCH button on the above bar and enter the name of the city you would be visiting that day. Scroll until you find a site that mentions interesting places or highlights in the city.
  6. Continue with this procedure until you reach your final destination.
  7. Using the word processing program of your choice, take notes in a daily journal about the interesting sites you visited.
  8. Click on one of the cars to begin your trip.


    1. Using your daily journal entries as reference, write a report about your trip.