Dear Parent/Guardian:

Since you are reading this page, your son/daughter has most likely been scheduled for either Physics or IPC with me. In many classes, this means that you may end up feeling a bit overwhelmed (much like the fellow pictued above) when your child comes to you for help - not to worry! That is the beauty of physics and IPC classes. You already know a great deal about the concepts. Even though the approach to teaching has changed a lot since you and I were in school, the way things work in the physical world haven't ... and you have been living in that physical world longer than your child. Consequently, you will periodicaly be called upon to use your experience to help your student work on an experiement or project at home. I have never lost a student OR a parent yet and do not expect to this year. The exciting thing is that we have all new books. Books which are designed to help your student learn and have some fun doing it. With some hard work and dedication, you..and me.. and your son/daughter, working together, will make this a very productive year! Feel free to click on the appropriate button at the top of the page for a brief overview or the course your student will be taking.