Welcome to Pre-AP Physics

The goal of the Pre-AP Physics program is to prepare students for success in a first year college level course whether that be an AP course at the high school or one taught on campus at University. Consequently, the requirements of such a course are greater than those of a regular high school physics class. The primary goal of this course will be to teach your student how to “think” – to solve problems they have never seen before using the tools they have acquired during their school years. This will help prepare them to compete in a global society.

Physics is often viewed as one of the most difficult of the sciences because of its extensive use of mathematics. Even though mathematics is an integral part of any physics course, it is neither the goal nor the focus. This course will take a conceptual approach. During the year, the student will re-evaluate the world they live in and learn to see it in a whole new way. The student will find that even though they have an "instinct" for physical concepts tey also have certain misconceptions. The value of teaching physics conceptually is not in minimizing mathematics, but in maximizing the use of a student’s personal experiences in the everyday world.
  The course is not easy, but neither is it impossibly difficult. Meeting the demands of an advanced physics course is an investment of effort that will be amply repaid. In order to succeed, your student needs to be willing and needs to be able. “Willing” means motivated to study and learn on a more advanced level. If (s)he is committed to participating actively in the advanced class and doing the out-of-class problem solving, they will have met the major prerequisite for success. The student must also be "able" to do the work. Their record in earlier science and math courses is the most obvious indicator of that ability.

The goal of this course is for the student to glimpse what they are actually capable of doing if they apply themselves and do not quit. While your student will find this course intellectually demanding, (s)he will find that they have the ability to master more than they ever thought they could. Seeing the student’s confidence in their own abilities build and their pride in their accomplishments grow is one of the reasons I thoroughly enjoy teaching this course.

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