Presented with graditude to all the teachers who have developed these activities over the years and, especially, to the staff of Chambridge Physics Outlet under the direction of Dr. Tom Hsu who so generously share them with students everywhere.


Motion Match
This is an excellent activity for those first few days while you are waiting for your class role to solidify. The kids learn a lot from this activity and, better yet, they think they are playing!


Car and Ramp
A great way to introduce the entire spectrum of kinematics. This activity privides a common experience (and data) that can be referred to over and over again. The kids love the "hands-on" approach and a teacher dialogue is provided as a guide for 1st time users!


Making Waves
"If you make waves, how often do they wave? Get involved and see the surprising results that depend on your point of view." - CPO -

Where Am I?
A good introduction to the concept of vectors. This activity can be used in smaller areas at school with a compass or given as homework where they use a vehicle. Either way, it is always a big hit with students and parents!
"You can see a lot in a corner, if you're flexible (no, it's not the Necker cube illusion) but can you see yourself as others see you?" - CPO -

How High is the Moon?
"An interactive way to understand the size of the solar system, with historical flavor. Gentle but quantitative. Also fun! No units, formulas, or huge numbers." - CPO -

Rocket Race
"A fun interactive game which, incidentally, gives a feel for vector addition of velocities" - CPO -
If You Throw a Ball....
" A quickie. The classic physics problem, ...with a twist...." - CPO -
Arch Remarks
"A is for Arch, where the forces between blocks allow some pretty architectural distinctions." -CPO-
Solids, Liquids, and Gases
"Connecting the properties of substances with the molecules that make them up: why Boyle's Law matters. Approachable chemical physics." - CPO -

Adapted from lab ideas presented at meetings and conferences, as well as those discussed with collegues after school in lab store rooms.




Rube Goldberg  
Electric House
This is an "oldie but a goodie". It is very flexible and allows for a great deal of creativity. Students from all backgrounds learn to appreciate each others skills.
Palm Pipes - Level 1  

Palm Pipes - Level 2
Level 2 requires more analysis and is normally more suitable for Pre-AP or AP students.


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