Classroom Rules

Parents must sign and return a rule sheet acknowledging, they have read, discussed and understand what is require of their child in computer science!

Fun Lesson: Done the first days of class

Introducing Logic, Algorithms & Tracing

Objectives: Students will

  1. become familiar with algorithms (a step by step process to solve a problem)
  2. learn that different is encouraged when programming
    (as long as one receives his/her desired output)
  3. learn to use top-down design (breaking large task into achievable steps)
  4. translate algorithms into flowcharts

Each teacher can substitute his/her task for the ones below
make sure they are achievable confident builders for the students.

Task/Problem: Create an algorithm for the following:

Your daily routine to school
How to make a peanut butter & jelly sandwich


** Remember papers will be exchanged and others will determine if they can
follow your algorithm and receive the desired output**


You'll be surprised at how many steps are left out.
The students love it!!