Keyboarding (Micro Type Pro)
  1. In this exercise students will apply the proper keyboarding technique to input data when using the computer keyboard.
    • Eyes On Copy
    • Feet Flat On Floor
    • Fingers Curved
    • Wrists Low
    • Back Straight
  2. Teacher Expectations, Student Expectations, Registration Information, and Supply list, will be discussed.   Guidelines, Regulations, Housekeeping, and reasons for learning, will alert students as to what Keyboarding classes will accomplish.

  3. Students will locate the "South-Western Keyboarding program" on Desktop by double clicking on the Micro Type Pro icon to start the program.  Type first & last name, omit class ID, and type first name again, for the Password.

  4. Students will begin with Alphabetic Keyboarding, the Home Row Keys Lesson 1 and R1. Continue with Lesson 2 & 3, reaching for the letters "e", "i", and "r".

  5. With Handouts examine and review all parts of a Personal-Business letter.  The Acceptance letter and the Request for Information Letter, both are open punctuation in Block Format.    Type both.

    • Return Address
    • Date
    • Letter Address
    • Salutation
    • Body
    • Complimentary Close
    • Name of Writer
    • Enclosure Notation

  6. Review and type 2 letters in Modified Block format. The letters are Response to Newspaper Advertisement and the Resurrection letter.

  7. Be prepared to be tested, at a later date, typing a block letter given text that is unarranged.

Computer, Pre-Test also required