Keyboarding (Micro Type Pro)
  1. In this exercise students will apply the proper Keyboarding Technique to input data when using the computer keyboard.

  2. Improving keyboarding techniques students will continue with Keyboarding Skill Builder lessons G and H.   Students will practice reaching up and down for keys not on the Home Row.

  3. Emphasis is placed on adjacent keys, and long direct reaches.
    Right hand finger reaches, UP for Keys U, Y, I and P .
    Right hand finger reaches Down for Keys M and N .

  4. Left hand finger reaches Up for Keys W, T, R, Q and E .
    Left hand finger reaches Down for Keys V, B, C, X, Z and reaches Left for G .

  5. This week's handout is Resume 3.   It is "My Very Own Resume" designed for students that have very little work experience.     Students who have a good background, and have worked at jobs in their neighborhood, or at school.    Save as Resume 3.

  6. Complete "Letter for Max" using Block Format as well as mixed punctuation.     Save as "Max".