Keyboarding (Micro Type Pro)
  1. As you work for higher skills, remember that how well you key fast is just as important as how fast you key.     How well you key at any speed depends in a major way upon the technique or form used.    Flying fingers and bouncing hands lower speed, while low finger reaches and quiet hands increase speed.

  2. In Keyboarding Skill Builder lessons P, Q, and R places special emphasis on the Space Bar.   You will be timed 1 minute typing sentences a maximum of 6 times or more.

  3. The little finger on your left hand reaches for Q, and the little finger on your right hand reaches for the P .    Your index finger on left hand reaches for the R .    Try for these reaches with out moving the rest of your hand from the Home Row keys.

  4. In this Proofreading Practice , you will enhance your proofreading by typing the first sentence, which is correctly keyed, in each pair of sentences.    You will compare the second sentence with the first correcting any error(s) you find.    Save to "3 1/2 Floppy (A:) drive" as Proofreading .

  5. Type corrections as seen in Handout "Who can Design a Better Brochure ?" as well as Creativity.   Save as Corrections1 and Corrections2 .