Keyboarding (Micro Type Pro)
  1. Review and make-up all work required to date.    Be sure that all lessons are recorded and graded on your computer.

  2. "Progress Report" grade depends on completed lessons assigned.

  3. Review and complete the following:

    • LESSON M
    • LESSON N
    • LESSON O
    • LESSON P
    • LESSON Q
    • LESSON R
    • LESSON S
    • LESSON T
  4. Complete the handout Business Letter, in simplified style with open punctuation as indicated.    Save this letter as Memorandum.

  5. "Positions Available", this handout lists four positions available; you are to compose two letters applying for two of the four positions.   Each letter should consist of at least 4 paragraphs.    Explain why you should be hired for the job, maybe listing past jobs, experience, work habits and why you feel that you do qualify for that particular job posted.

  6. Save as "Position" always use only one word when saving a document.    It is easier, and can be found more quickly when lost, if found at all.