Keyboarding (Micro Type Pro)
  1. In a Warm-up Practice exercise students will be able to input/demonstrate their ability and knowledge of the homerow keys.    Practice by using the homerow keys in various ways such as, upward, downward, horizontally, and left to right with a musical rhythm.   (handout)

  2. Students will demonstrate musical rhythm with a timed writing, using the blind method on keyboard (Ray Charles Method).    (bumps are on computer keyboard to find the homerow keys.    (handout)

  3. After warm-up exercise students will have time to complete and review lessons 1-3.    Students will continue with this week's new assignment lessons, in Alphabetic Keyboarding.    New lessons 4-7 demonstrate key reaches to t, o, n, and g.

  4. An analysis of a Personal Business Letter , as well as an Acceptance Letter, will be given.     Type both letters with mixed punctuation.  The Acceptance Letter will be a Modified Block Letter, and the Personal Business Letter will be a Full Block Letter .

  5. Complete all letters given to this date, there should be a total of five letters including the two from week one, as well, as adding an additional letter called "Cybercafe" and saved by the same name.