Keyboarding (Micro Type Pro)
  1. Applying the following keyboarding techniques, students will continue with Alphabetic Keyboarding lessons 8, 9, 10, and 11.   Skill Builder exercises, places special emphasis on speed.
      • Eyes on Copy
      • Feet Flat on Floor
      • Fingers Curved
      • Wrists Low
      • Back Straight
  2. You will create a full-block letter from UNARRANGED text, as indicated in handout "Unarranged" .   Use sample of a full-block letter .   Type block letter "Response to a Blind Add" and save as "Response" .

  3. With handout "Corrections" students will study and memorize "Proofreaders' Marks" as well as practice these marks by typing the 3 paragraphs given.

  4. The letter "Cybercafe" will be corrected and saved as "Cybercafe 2" .