Keyboarding (Micro Type Pro)
  1. In this exercise students will apply the proper punctuation to a paragraph, and be able to demonstrate that precision in written communications is crucial.    The activity makes the point in a humorous manner.

  2. Students will be ready for a discussion on the need for grammar, punctuation, or just about any lesson in written communication.

  3. Handout for the above lesson, will be puncutated.    When given the circumstances, a second time, the punctuation will be different.

  4. Improving keyboarding techniques, students will continue with Alphabetic Keyboarding lessons 12, 13 and 14.

  5. In the above lessons there will be a review on reaching up or down, the keyboard without moving your hand.     You will use your right index finger to reach down for the letter M, and the left ring finger to reach for the letter X.

  6. A handout for centering will be discussed.    The paper will be centered vertically, as well as the appropriate proof-reading corrections made.  All centering will be keyed in text boxes from the Drawing toolbar.  Save as:  Centering, Page1, Page2, and Page3.

  7. Two essays will be typed "Value of Work Experience" and "Responsibility".     Students will understand that all titles must stand out with larger text and or bold as well.    Save as "Experience" and "Responsibility".