Keyboarding (Micro Type Pro)
  1. In this exercise students will apply the proper keyboarding technique to input data when using the computer keyboard.

  2. Improving keyboarding techniques, students will continue with the Alphabetic Keyboarding lessons 15 and 16 .   Always keep:

    • Eyes on Copy
    • Feet Flat on Floor
    • Fingers Curved
    • Wrists Low
    • Back Straight

  3. Students will learn to reach up for the letter Q, with the left little finger, always returning to the homerow letter A key.    Reaching for the letter I with the right middle finger, always returning to the homerow letter K key.

  4. Technique:   Always keep fingers not used for reaching on the Homerow keys.    Read and say short words as you type.

  5. This weeks' handout will be the "Announcement Letter" , a block letter with mixed punctuation.     A "Follow Up" block letter will also be with the handout.    Students will practice, using tabs for, hanging indents with this letter.     Save as "Announcement" and "FollowUp".

Student Closure Required