Keyboarding (Micro Type Pro)
  1. With today's handout, students will write a resume, it will be one of three different kinds of resumes.  A sample resume with instructionsmakes typing this resume easy.   Students will use Microsoft Word and tables to do this.

  2. Improving keyboarding techniques, students will continue with Keyboarding Skill Builder lessons E and F.   Special emphasis in lessons E and F are reaches with little and upright fingers, keeping your hands and arms QUIET as you key.

  3. In the above lessons, techniques will be impoved by using sentences and paragaphs, at the same time earning game chances.

  4. Students will strive for good control, staying at a steady pace typing sentences a maximum of six times.   Students will use the tab key with left little finger to begin the paragraph, and key enter at end of paragraph only as all paragraphs use word wrap.   All paragraphs will be timed at 2 minutes.

  5. A Resume using Microsoft Word will be demonstrated on TV screen.   The resume will be one of three different kinds, to be completed.    Resume 1 and Resume 2 will be completed this week.

  6. Save as "Resume1" and "Resume 2" .    Use one word when saving a document.   It can be found more quickly when lost, if found at all.