Information Problem-Solving Process

Task Definition Finding out that the task involves creating a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation and realizing that a key to success is using documented supporting evidence.

Information Seeking Strategies Considering all potential information sources and deciding that current reference and nonfiction book, district online databases, and the Internet would be the best.

Location & Access

Aldine ISD - District Subscriptions to Internet Resources

Bibliography Style Handbook - (MLA Format with examples)

Biome/Animal Printout

Searching online to find articles and printing them.
Searching the OPAC.
Using the table of contents and indexes of print resources.

Use of Information Reading the books and articles.
Writing notes directly into the worksheet using phases. Noting the sources using MLA.

Synthesis Using PowerPoint and a scanner.

Evaluation Realizing that your details are weak on one of the required areas and that you need to go back and find additional information.

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