Jeff Amerson's Guide to the Internet

for Teachers, Parents, and Kids

My mission in the following pages is to provide easy access to things on the internet that teachers, parents, and kids will actually use.  The way I see it, the more useful this tool becomes, the more people will actually use it.  If you are new to this, I suggest you start with Cool Links.  Just click on any of the underlined words and take it from there.  If you get lost, keep clicking your back button and you will always find your way home.  Have fun and don't be afraid to explore.


I hope you found something useful.  This is definitely a work in progress so come back soon. Remember:  If you need to find something, try the internet first.  Chances are you'll find what you need quickly and easily.


These pages were created by Jeff Amerson as part of GirlTECH, a teacher training and student technology council program sponsored by the Center for Research on Parallel Computation (CRPC), a National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center and Project Constellation, training teachers to integrate technology into classrooms.


Last update: June 29, 1999

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