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You are going to have the opportunity to work with your fellow students to create one of the original 13 colonies.  The project will last for approximately 2 weeks and the grade that you make will count in each of your classes.  All 5 of your academic teachers will work together to determine your group's grade.  Because this is a group project, we will be expecting to see teamwork and cooperation and will be expecting you to remain on task during the allotted work time.  Groups should be no larger than 4. Please choose wisely when picking your groups as you will all share the same grade.

To grade these projects, your teachers will use a grading rubric that you can see by clicking here. Each of your teachers has included things that he/she needs to see as part of your finished project. Your project will include 1) a model of your colony, and 2) a portfolio that will include the individual assignments due. To see the individual assignments, go to the top or bottom of this page and click on "Tasks".

Your model will be a 3-dimensional representation of your colony, no smaller than 20 x 20 inches and no bigger than 48 x 48 inches.  There are no restrictions on the materials you may use, but please okay your design with your advisory teacher before you actually purchase anything or start building.

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