Grading Rubric-Build Your Own Colony

Your project consists of two parts:  the portfolio and the model.  The portfolio is the most important part, and therefore counts for 60% of your grade.  The model will acount for the other 40% of your grade.  The individual breakdown is listed below.

All of the items following the model will be kept in a binder or portfolio.  The items included should be in the exact same order as listed below.  There should also be a cover sheet and a table of contents.  To help you keep track, keep a check list and check them off as you complete each item.

There is a possibility of 5 points for each task.  Grading scale will be:
Best effort = 5, Acceptable = 4, Minimal effort = 3
There is also a category for creativity and extra effort.

Model of Your Colony                                                         / 40
Map of the Colony     / 5
Time line of the colony     / 5
Monetary system     / 5
Chart verifying monetary system     / 5
Persuasive letter     / 5
Journal entries     / 5
Newspaper front page     / 5
Advertisement for colony     / 5
Colonial costumes     / 5
Blue-prints for 3 simple machines     / 5
Working models of 3 machines     / 5
Creativity / Extra effort     / 10

It is possible to make an "A" without getting points for "best effort" in each category.  Pick and choose wisely.  Divide the work amongst team members.  Work together and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!

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