The Basics of Chemistry

Mr. Amerson's introduction to the elements for 8th grade science students.

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This unit is an attempt to give my students the opportunity to learn about the periodic table, some background information about chemistry, and to have fun at the same time. Students will have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of exercises, assignments, lectures, and labs in order to make a grade of either "C", "B", or "A".  The exercises will use combinations of textwork, worksheets, computers, the internet, and projects.  They are designed to meet the individual learning styles of all students.  As with all good units, this is a work in constant progress and revision.

The Unit

Below are the links to the unit itself.  Have fun.

The Objectives- what all 8th graders should know before entering the 9th grade.
The Actual Assignments
- students can pick and choose to create their own individualized lesson plan.
Student Created Web Pages- done as partial requirement of the unit.

Assessing the Students

Since this is an individualized unit, I would recommend using authentic assessment whenever possible; however, some students may prefer a more "traditional" pen and paper test.  What I have found works well is to give the students answer keys to the lower level assignments.  Then I have them keep their work in a portfolio.  I conference with each student to see how well they have mastered the objectives, and together we determine their grade for the entire unit.  It is horribly subjective, but they have the chance to demonstrate their knowledge, and we are both satisfied with the grade.  If they feel it is too low, they have the opportunity to either do more work, improve upon work already done, or defend what they have already done.

Another option is to use the student generated tests (Level A activity) to test other students.

If you are uncomfortable with these methods, there is always the tradtional test.  I suggest letting students have the option of the form of assessment used.

Objectives | Assignments  | Student pages  | Comments

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