Three weeks ago Mr. Amerson's class, located at La Escuela Rice in Houston, Texas, started their chemistry unit. We were assigned a project that let us work at our own pace. He was doing this for an experiment that he was doing in one of his classes. We had to pace ourselves but, also keep up with our work. The results of the project were interesting. Da Page contains a lot of stuff about chemistry and science. This page is for all of you science geeks out there!!

Below are some of the best ScIeNcE sites the WeB has to offer. Not all of them have to do with chemistry but, most of them are really cool. After you get done browsing these links...ViSiT My PaGe located at the bottom of the links!!!


cOoL sItE



Da' Twinkie

The Truth

Air and Space Museum

Talkin' Bones

Einstein Online

Ocean Planet

Over 60 Science Links

Space Calendar

Pointer Page


ViSiT mY pAgE

Now that you know everything there is to know about science I bet you now have a purpose in life...C'mon who am I kiddin'. I know this page will have no life changing experience for you but I hope this page has opened your mind to the wide world of science and all it has to offer for generations to come.

tHi§ hOmEpAgE BrOuGht To YoU bY: rYaN hUgHe§