Mr. A's Science Page

Hi kids!!! Below you will find all kinds of cool and nifty things to help you in your science class. Some things are way cool, and others are just plain old work. Either way, have fun!

Here are some of my clickable resources:

Lessons- some lessons by me and other teachers
Bookmarks- some useful and some fun sites
Build Your Own Colony- an interdisciplinary unit for 8th graders
The Rice School's All-Girl Science Review- our GirlTECH club

These pages were created by Jeff Amerson as part of GirlTECH, a teacher training and student technology council program sponsored by the Center for Research on Parallel Computation (CRPC), a National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center and Project Constellation , training teachers to integrate technology into classrooms.

It was last updated on June 29, 1999, but I couldn't get the images to work. :-)

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