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All of my adult life I have diversified my income with some kind of self employment. It helped me keep in touch with the business world and brought practical experience to my classroom instruction for the ten years that I was a high school teacher. A passion which I turned into a small business is the study of nutrition and herbs. I keep youthful and in good health by using Life Plus food supplement products. I was so pleased with what the nutritional supplements did for me that I lead other people in the study and application of proactive good health through these food supplements. Through this simple sharing I became a Life Plus sponsor and consultant which lead me into this home business. I invite you to explore the Life Plus home page--a wonderful site to visit for information and entertainment. If you share this interest or would like to help improve or maintain your good health, email me for broschures or place an order right on the Life Plus Home Page using my sponsor number, 289650.

Secondly, I am a distributor of prepaid long distance phone cards--not because of any great passion for the telephone, but because this home business provided the greatest potential for generating passive residual income. Tele-Card Network (TCN), where this product comes from, attracted me because no special communication skills, big chunks of time, salesmanship or closing techniques were necessary to succeed. The ideas I liked in this network marketing company were the ones that eliminated high start-up costs, monthly maintenance requirements, and massive recruitment efforts necessary to generate the desired income.

In each of these businesses, I have built an organization for which I provide information, leadership and any kind of assistance that is needed. If you would like to build a home business with flex hours, drop me a line at my email address below.

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