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Why are we thankful?

Turkey in the Straw Animation

Let's find out what we know about Thanksgiving...
Who were the pilgrims and what would it be like to be one? Where did the Pilgrims come from and why did they decide to travel across the ocean to a new land? Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving? And, how was the first Thanksgiving different from the holiday that we celebrate today? This week we are going to learn all about one of our most important holidays.

Present K-W-L strategies...
PowerPoint: The First Thanksgiving

BrainPop Movie: Thanksgiving

What have we learned today?
Now, I would like for you to think about life in the 1600's. Was it a fun adventure to travel across the ocean on the Mayflower? Or, was it difficult and frightening? Were the homes warm and cozy in the winter? Did the Pilgrims have plenty to eat? Was living then in Plymouth like living here today very similar or much different?

Revisit K-W-L strategies.
Present Venn Diagram.



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