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Hello, welcome to my webspot. My name is John Wilson. I have been a teacher in the Aldine School District in Houston, Texas since 1995. My current position is Social Studies Department Chair at Escamilla Intermediate. I have been teaching 5th grade Social Studies for the past three years. I offer my students a very hands-on approach to history. They get to see, touch, and wear items from the history of America. I want to leave them with a strong foundation of historical concepts that they will be able to build upon during the rest of their school career.

J.W.'s Classroom Philosophy of Life

"Don't just read history...Make History"

J.W.'s Brief History of Himself

I was born in Bay City, Texas. I spent most of my early years living in a small farm town in central Texas. My family and I moved to Houston in the late 70's. I went through elementary, middle, and high school in the Aldine School District. I recieved a Bachelors Degree in Education from Sam Houston State University in 1995. I applied for a job teaching Social Studies at Escamilla Intermediate that same year and the rest is, well you know, history.

On a Personal Note...

They say that behind every good man there is a great woman. I would like to dedicate a portion of my webspot to not one great woman, but three. They are my wife, Alena, and our two daughters Danielle and Jaclyn. They are the motavational force in my life. They keep me going sometimes when I feel that I have nowhere to go. Words will never be able to explain my love and gratitude to the three of them. Oh yes, and I'll give a word of thanks to our cat, Sassy, who never lets life be dull in our house.

The Goal of My Webspot

The purpose of my webspot is to offer lessons of history. My goal is to add an ongoing series of short historical articles. Some are well known, while others are more obscure. I hope that students of all ages will enjoy these small articles and may inspire them to further research and an appreciation of history.

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Questions & Comments

Please feel free to send me questions or comments that you might have. If you see a mistake that I have made please let me know.

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