Technology Camp Worksheet
Jumbled Answers to Computer Operator's License
With the metal part of the disk to the mouth (disk drive opening) and the label up.  The circle on the bottom of the disk should be down toward the table.
Do not touch any buttons on the front of your computer.  The sun button can cause your monitor to turn dark and stay that way permanently.  Do not turn up the sound as this ruins the speakers and annoys others.
Do not press down hard on the mouse.  This bends the rollers inside the mouse and then it does not move correctly. Move it gently. Press on it gently.
Press lightly.  Never play with the keys when you are not using them, this wears out the tiny springs in the keys.
Do not repeatedly click on the mouse when you are not using it.
The printer captains are the only ones who should touch the printers.  They are the students who sit on either side of the printers.
Under Start, choose Shut Down. Make sure Shut Down is selected.  Press Enter.
Do not touch any wires or anyone's computer without permission.
Do not put your fingers on the  ball at the bottom of the mouse.  This causes it to collect dirt.
It adds pages to your work.  Click on the last page and press the delete key until the extra pages are gone.
If the paper becomes jammed, raise your hand to request help from the teacher.  Do not try to pull the paper out of the printer by yourself.
Under the File menu choose Save.  Under File choose Close.  Under File choose Quit.  Under Special choose Shut Down.

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