Telecommunications Vocabulary

Print this vocabulary table, then fold it on the vertical line that separates the word from the definition to practice learning these terms.

applet mini-program that uses Java or ActiveX for animation
bookmark a URL that is saved to keep a place on a website to return to it easily
browser software program that allows a computer to view websites
cookie information stored on your computer about the sites you have visited
e-mail private messages sent electronically over a computer network
global village people joined together through electronic communication
hotlink usually blue links that lead to additional information about a topic
HTML HyperText Mark-up Language, programming language used to design web pages
modem modulator-demodulator, a device that allows a computer to transmit and receive date over a phone line.
search engine  software programs on the WWW designed to search the Internet for keywords
service provider company which gives access a computer access to the Internet, called ISP for Internet Service Provider
spam Internet junk mail
URL Universal Resource Locator, an address of a website on Internet
WWW World Wide Web, computers connected together to share electronic data

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