Word Processing Vocabulary

Print this vocabulary table, then fold it on the vertical line that separates the word from the definition to practice learning these terms.

delete to erase
document a file, page(s) created by a word processing program
edit to change
font the shape of the letters
formatting layout of the text to make it easier to read
hard copy a printout of a document
insert to add, to put in
justification alignment to the left, right. center, or full
point 1/72 nd of an inch, the size of the typeface
scroll to move the text on the screen up, down, left, or right
spelling checker a disk based dictionary
subscript text that is printed slightly lower than the line (submarine)
superscript text that is printed slightly higher than the line (Superman)
word processing inputting and editing text
word wrap automatic movement of a word that is too long to fit on line to the next line

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