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emerging tulips 1998 

TAAS Math and Spreadsheet Activity: 


Keyboarding Activities 

We've done a couple of projects that add a little spice to keyboarding projects. 

Use Kid Pix and a simple sentence to practice keyboarding in Digital Puppets. 

Keyboarding Olympics 

A lesson that's fun and has 3 types of TEKS(5th grade) integrated into the activity.
  Moon Phase Timeline utilizing students date of birth.

Newest Page: Mixed Number Musical Chairs this is a fun and easy way to change improper fractions into mixed numbers and listen to math review song all at one time! =)

This page was developed through GirlTECH '97 a teacher training and student technology council program sponsored by the Center for Research on Parallel Computation(CRPC), a National Science Foundation-funded Science and Technology Center Thanks also to the RGK Foundation for its generous support.

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