The Piano Man

by Debbi Chocolate, illus. by Eric Velasquez. Walker, 1998.


* After reading this book, answer the following questions in complete sentences and reflective thoughts before going on with your invitation.

1. Who, if anybody, wrote the music for the movies the grandfather played for?

2. If the grandfather were a young man today, can you think of any careers he might have?

3. The grandfather was passionate about his work, and was able to use his skills as a piano player to carve another career for himself as a piano tuner. Can you think of any other related career choices he might have had?

4. Does a career choice have to last a lifetime? Is it good to make changes?

INVITATIONS: select one

* Research silent movies in the library. Create your own silent movie to videotape. Your "play" must be of your own creation and scripting. Select music to accompany your movie, and share it with your class. Be sure to make movie tickets!

** Research vaudeville. Create a set of trading cards featuring some of the people, places, and things you discover.

*** Write a newspaper article covering the end of the silent movie era and the advent of the "talkies". You will need to have some background information in order to do this.



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