by Arthur Dorros, illus. by Elisa Kleven. Dutton, 1991.


* After reading this book, answer the following questions in complete sentences and reflective thoughts before going on with your invitation.

1. What are some names you call your grandmother? Where do you think these names come from?

2. If you could fly, like Abuela and Rosalba, where would you go? What might you see? What do you think it would be like?

3. Do you think the illustrations fit the story? Share your opinion.

4. If you could fly over Houston, what might you see? Describe some of the "landmarks" Houston has.

INVITATIONS: select one

* Use a computer illustration program to create a map of a place you would like to fly over. Be sure to include a map legend.

** Using the glossary in the back of this book, develop your own glossary that would be appropriate for your family and relatives. Display your glossary on a poster board.

*** Using collage, create your own illustration to add another page to the story. Add your text.


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