Papa Lucky's Shadow

by Niki Daly. Margaret McElderry, 1992.


* After reading this book, answer the following questions in complete sentences and reflective thoughts before going on with your invitation.

1. Is it OK to go against a parent's wishes if a grandparent says it's OK? How would you punish Sugar?

2. How would you feel about having your grandparent come to live with you? Or, if you already live with a grandparent, what are the benefits? Can you think of any advantages or disadvantages of having a grandparent live with you? Discuss them.

3. What do you think the title of this story infers?

4. What is Sugar's relationship with her grandfather? (Not grandfather/granddaughter.)

INVITATIONS: select one

* Develop a "biography" for Papa Lucky and write a newspaper article about him. You will also need to do some research of the time period he lived and perhaps add some of these events into the story.

** Design and create your own "tap" shoes. Include an advertising brochure to sell them, and present this to your class.

*** You are a TV reporter who has watched Papa Lucky and Sugar dance. Create an interview with Papa Lucky to videotape.

**** Recreate this story as a shadow puppet show.

***** Investigate puppetry. Create a Papa Lucky puppet or marionette.


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