Sachiko Means Happiness

by Kimiko Sakai. Children's Book Press, 1990.


* After reading this book, answer the following questions in complete sentences and reflective thoughts before going on with your invitation.

1. Compare grandmother to a small child. Is this an appropriate comparison?

2. Did you think there should be a "happy ending"? Is the ending of the story the right one?

3. Do you feel sorry for Sachiko having so much responsibility for her grandmother? Is this fair? Who should be responsible?

4. What are some adjectives you would use to describe Sachiko? Grandmother? Defend your words.

INVITATIONS: select one

* Research Alzheimer's disease and create a brochure that will help students your age understand and cope with the disease. This brochure should be helpful for children, like Sachiko, who are share responsibility for caring for relatives. Be sure to include a list of associations that people could use in dealing with relatives with Alzheimer's disease.

** Create a greeting card friends could send to Sachiko.

*** Make up flash cards Sachiko might use to help her grandmother remember things. You will need to look up information on aging and memory loss to help you decide what things to include. You could even use a computer-generated slide show for this.


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