Sitti's Secrets

by Naomi Shihab Nye. Simon & Schuster, 1994.


* After reading this book, answer the following questions in complete sentences and reflective thoughts before going on with your invitation.

1. Sitti means grandmother in Arabic. What are some names children affectionately call their own grandmothers? Make a list.

2. If you had a relative who spoke a different language from yours, how would you communicate?

3. Is a language barrier a problem for relatives in communication?

4. Does Mona's grandmother seem like an "ordinary" grandmother?

INVITATIONS: select one

* Look up information about sign language. Create a set of flash cards using sign language which Mona might be able to use to communicate with her grandmother.

** Use the Internet to find some useful phrases in Arabic. Compile a few to share with your classmates.

*** Create a dinner menu for a restaurant in Palestine.


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