Judy Peckham's Lesson Plans

Rationale and Use of Values Projects

The purpose of these Values Units is to make the learning of personal values integral in the daily life of the classroom, shaping responsible,productive citizens. Students will have the opportunity to study a novel as it relates to a particular value, and create projects through picture books that tie in with the value being integrated. In most instances, students can work in groups to discuss or respond to the questions posed for each book. They can then select on "Invitation" (which can be either an individual or group project) for each unit. The "Intitations" usually require research and may require a longer time frame - six weeks. Many of the projects are geared to integrate technology into the curriculum. Students have the opportunity to show off their projects using a multi media presentation (Hyperstudio, PowerPoint), sinple tools like word procession, databases, or a paint program, and sophisticated digital images. These projects also address many of the TEKS


Alley Cat I'm the Best Sato and the Elephants
Tiger The Very Best of Friends  
 The Bracelet Chrysanthemum Leah's Pony
Piano Man    
 Abuela Bigmama's Coming Home
In My Family Papa Lucky's Shadow Sachiko Means Happiness
Sitti's Secrets The Treasure Nap  
 Aunt Chip and the Great Triple Creek Dam Affair The Bee Tree The Bird, the Light, and the Frog
Read For Me, Mama Thank You, Mr. Falkner Tomas and the Library Lady
The Wednesday Surprise    
Amazing Grace The Ballot Box Battle American, Too
Mirette on the High Wire And Still the Turtle Watched  
 Work Ethic  
  A Day's Work Ma Dear's Aprons Paperboy
Peppe the Lamplighter Uncle Jed's Barbershop  

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