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Welcome! My name is Jennifer Quilkey, and I am a math and computer teacher at River Oaks Baptist School (ROBS) in Houston, Texas. My undergraduate degree is in Economics from Arizona State University, and I have a Masters in Education from Abilene Christian University. Currently, I am involved with a program through Rice University called GirlTECH which is under the auspices of the Center for Research on Parallel Computation. GirlTECH aims to increase the involvement of girls in the fields of technology, math, and science.


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My husband, Paul, is from Canberra, Australia and received his degree from the University of Canberra in Sports Administration. He received his MBA from Rice University and currently works for Enron Capital and Trade in Houston, Texas.

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Our 8 year old daughter, Ashley, is in the third grade at ROBS. She loves both math and computers thanks to her mom, Girl Games, Inc., and The University of Chicago School Mathematics Project taught at ROBS.

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Here is a picture of Ashley's new baby sister, Emma Elizabeth. She joined our family on March 31, 1997, and is extremely happy to be here.

These pages were developed through GirlTECH '96, a teacher training and student technology council program sponsored by the Center for Research on Parallel Computation (CRPC), a National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center.

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