Joyce E. Ramig
Seventh Grade Science
Paul Revere Middle School
Houston Independent School District


Ms. Ramig grew up in Pendleton, Oregon. She attended Oregon State University, where she received a degree in education. She attended the University of Houston,where she received a Master's Degree in secondary science education. Ms. Ramig has taught in Oregon, Colorado, New York, Massachusetts, and Texas. Ms. Ramig has been involved in a number of science education projects. Teaching Science Process Skills (Ramig, Bailer, Ramsey, Good Apple, 1995) can be purchased from Good Apple, a McGraw Hill Company, search Teaching Science Process Skills.


Seventh grade science at Revere is an integrated science program. Students study a wide variety of science topics, including day and night, seasons, solar system and universe, moon phases, chemical and physical change, Periodic Table, photosynthesis, ecosystems, human body systems, genetics, earth change due to nature and humans, force and motion, and simple machines.. Science Process Skills are a large part of the course, and students are encouraged to learn through hands-on experiences. Technology plays an important part in student learning. This homepage has been designed to help students master basic concepts.

Details about science in Texas can be found at the Texas Education Agency. Details about Ms. Ramig's class can be obtained at Academic Planet.