Power Point Presentation
Include transitions and animations

Slide 1 Title Slide
Include title and author
Include your name, grade level on this slide.

Slide 2 The Day I Was Born
Go to:
Select This Day in History under the heading “Daily Almanac,” type in your
birth date. Include 3 things that happened in history on your birth date. Include
baby picture on this slide, if you have one.

Slide 3 What’s in a Name?
Go to:
Type in your name and click GO
Include your name, the meaning, the origin. If your name is not found ask your
family where your name came from.

Slide 4 Family
include all family members’ names and pets that live in your house.
Include picture of family on this slide, if you have one.

Slide 5 What do you want to be when you grow up?
Include where you want to go to college and your career choice
Include appropriate clip art.

Slide 6 More of Me?
Go to:
Type in your first and last name only; Click on search
Are there other people who have the same name as you? How many? Where
Do they live?

Slide 7 & 8 What a Trip!
Go to:
Answer the following questions in your presentation…
If you could travel anywhere you wanted in the continental United States, where would you go?
Using MapQuest, find the following:
How far is your destination from Houston?
What are the instructions for getting to your destination?
Include a small copy of a map of your destination on your slide show

Slide 9 Conclusion
Include a photo of yourself.


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